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How Custom Orders Work:

First, contact me via Instagram, Facebook, or email explaining what you would like made.


Once I get a general idea on the details, I can get a price and time estimate for you.

Then, if you would like to go ahead with the order, I will put you on my Custom Order List.

When I make it to your spot on the list, I will message you to confirm details and get the 50% deposit via this website.


Once the deposit is paid, I will immediately begin your order and have it ready to ship within 2 weeks (would only be delayed if for a good reason such as waiting for supplies to be delivered, I can't control the post office).

Once the order is completed, I will send you pictures and a link back to this website where you pay the remaining 50% of the balance and then it will be sent via USPS within 2 business days.

*If you prefer FedEx or UPS, please let me know when I start your order so arrangements can be made*

Custom Orders are non-refundable, if something is not correct because of an error on my part, I will fix/replace it.


If something is not correct because of misinformation given to me (example: if I make a belt the exact size that you give me and it does not fit because the measurements given to me were incorrect), there will be no refund or replacement given. In some cases, I can adjust the order to work (like punching more holes in a belt).

Deposits are also non-refundable if I have already started on your order when you contact me to cancel it.

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